AetherStore pools unused computer storage space, enabling you to create a robust, secure network drive with no new hardware.

Every once in a while you see a solution by a startup and you get all excited. AetherStore is one of those types of solutions.

Duncan Epping | Yellow Bricks Blog

Create a Store in minutes by allocating available space from the machines in your network.

All of the features you'd expect in a professional-grade storage solution, at a fraction of the expense. Reduce cost, save time and increase your storage capacity on demand.

Pool your space across tens, hundreds, or thousands of machines.

With AetherStore, each computer added to your network actually contributes storage instead of consuming it. Eliminate the guesswork in hardware provisioning and be confident you're using your storage resources to their full potential.

AetherStore is going to get me a raise, thank you!

Sergio Lopez | Technician

The software is intuitive and easy to use, with a polished UI (Heck, I’d go as far as to say it’s sexy), AetherStore is a rock-solid product that’s going to revolutionize data storage for companies of all sizes.

John Schuepbach | Network/Systems Administrator

If your organization is like mine, you probably have a bunch of workstations deployed with 300GB+ hard drives and 80% of the space on each system destined to be un-used forever. AetherStore has stepped into the market with a product that will gather up all that un-used disk and give it a real purpose!

Lauren Fitzpatrick | Network Manager

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