Increase storage capacity on demand.


Pool your spare space across tens, hundreds, or thousands of machines. With AetherStore, every employee workstation is a valuable storage resource, so your capacity grows as your organization does.

Resource & Cost Efficient

AetherStore costs far less than even the cheapest storage alternatives, and eliminates bandwidth strain by not requiring an internet connection. Never purchase, power or pay for unnecessary hardware again.


Download AetherStore and you are clicks away from creating a network drive without adding any hardware. No headaches for administrators, no change for employees.

AetherStore data is
redundant, encrypted, and deduplicated.

AetherStore data is redundant, encrypted, and deduplicated.

Customizable Redundancy

AetherStore provides built-in redundancy at a factor of your choosing. The software stores data in chunks, replicating each chunk multiple times across the network so data will still be available even as or more machines break, are powered off, or are taken home.


Duplicate data will never take up space in your Store. This produces significant savings when storing identical content, such as backup snapshots, as only new data will be stored and replicated.

Self-healing design

AetherStore recognizes when machines leave the network and will recopy data to live nodes, actively maintaining healthy redundancy without any action required. You'll be able to access your important files while AetherStore automatically balances data over your remaining machines.

Runs as a service

AetherStore runs as a service, so data is invisible and inaccessible to end users. Leverage storage from all the computers in your network from the comfort of your own machine and maintain complete control over your locked AetherStore drive.


Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit to provide robust security at all times. The encrypted data is broken up into chunks and spread over many machines. The information required to recombine the data is also encrypted and spread over another set of machines, ensuring the security of the system cannot be compromised by any one computer.

Drive Security

AetherStore drives are password protected and can be locked and unlocked from the tray icon on the mount machine. Administrators can also un-mount the AetherStore drive, rendering the drive completely invisible while data remains intact. Simply re-mount the drive through the AetherStore Bridge to regain access.