How to Use Your Private Local Cloud

Onsite Backup

A Robust, Secure Backup Target in Minutes

  • Reduce RTO - offsite backups take hours, even days, to restore. With AetherStore you always have a local copy at the ready.

  • Administrators can access the mounted Store drive at any time, while data remains completely transparent and secure from end users.

  • No third-party reliance. No internet connection needed to retrieve your data.

  • Tier to the cloud for a full 3-2-1 backup solution. Check out our blog for some 'How-Tos'.

Storage On Demand

Dynamic Storage for Your Office or Home

  • Never be without storage for migrations or last minute projects again. Spin up and down AetherStore drives as you need them.

  • Ease provisioning troubles by building room for expansion right into your network.

  • Add and remove computers for your Store on the fly.

  • Never pay for more storage than you need.

Single Machine Mode

An encrypted, chunked, locked, hidden drive only you can access.

  • Create a password-protected, fully encrypted drive to protect private personal records or delicate business data, even if you only have one machine.

  • Un-mount AetherStore drives completely to render them invisible while keeping data intact.

  • Remount drives in seconds through the AetherStore Bridge to access data.

AetherStore Resources

AetherStore Customer Summaries

  • Education: "When this large university needed more space, they sought to avoid the huge capital outlay and long-term commitment of traditional hardware and will instead access 30 terabytes of raw storage with AetherStore." Read More...

  • Finance: "At times projects are stood up, run, and then broken down without a need for maintaining data long-term.” AetherStore provides on-demand storage for such projects, with all the security required for finance data." Read More...

  • Automotive: "Getting back unused storage space is the big thing. Now we don’t need to buy extra hard drives and bays that we would have needed otherwise." Read More...

  • IT Services: "Backup storage that just works is my primary goal for getting AetherStore into production. With AetherStore, we are able to sleep at night knowing we have good backup storage." Read More...

Why AetherStore?

Intro to AetherStore